Oliver Bonas on Byres Road

Yesterday I went to check out the newish Oliver Bonas on Byres Road. I'm not actually sure when it opened, as before April I was living in the city centre and rarely went shopping in the West End, even though I've pretty much always worked in the West End of Glasgow. Oliver Bonas is a shop that I've been vaguely interested in but not had much interaction with, so I was pleased to see it appear.

No longer having access to a good camera, I rarely put my own photos up on the blog. I've got an old Canon AE-1 camera, which isn't digital, and takes really nice photos. But it takes ages to get photos developed and scanned and really, the whole point of blogging over other forms of publishing is that it's immediate and simple. Print photos not so immediate or simple. So, photos from my iPhone will have to suffice.

If you're not familiar with Oliver Bonas already, the store sells clothes, books, dishes, accessories, baby clothes, some furniture and jewellery - a sort of Urban Outfitters for grown ups. 

The one on Byres Road has lots of things I want, but I managed to narrow it down to two items - their alphabet necklace in sterling silver (I got an 'S' for Serena - I will wear it until she gets older and then I'll probably give it to her. Maybe.) and some shoes that will hopefully stay on Serena's feet. I should also mention, the staff at the Byres Road store are super, super nice.

If you don't happen to be near an Oliver Bonas to visit in person, they have quite a selection online as well. Here are some highlights I found:

Marrakesh: A Month of Recipes from the Heart of Morocco 

Traditional wooden tea party biscuits - because my daughter puts everything in her mouth anyway, it may as well look like food!
Ferris wheel metal sunglasses - so 70s, so glamorous
Paraqueet umbrella - I really want this, despite the tragic end that most of my umbrellas meet
Zatchels metallic satchel - one of many colours and patterns they have in store
Cut drawer pull - because all it takes to refresh an old dresser is some new drawer pulls. I found a dresser in the trash area of my old flat once and put new cut glass drawer pulls on it. It was completely transformed.
Peacock feather salad servers - feeding my gold interiors obsession
Japanese trellis bowl - they have several pattern variations, all just as delicate as you please
1960s 746 phone - cordless phones are overrated. In fact, my house phone is mainly decorative.
Cotton tub chair - cute as a button
Pineapple table lamp - it's almost too much, but not quite
The silver alphabet necklace I mentioned above
*Please note - there are affiliate links in this blog entry, but it is not a sponsored post. And of course, all opinions are all my own.

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