The nights are drawing in

Girl-e obsessions - those things that are occupying the tiny part of my brain that's available at the moment (particularly with the colder, shorter days ahead):

Tassles - on shoes, jewellery, whatever. I love tassels. Aren't the tassels on these shoes lovely?
Discovering new perfume - this summer I discovered Hermes Un Jardin Sur Le Toit, which is light and crisp and beautiful, but it is a bit too light for winter, so I'm looking for richer scent right now. I will report back when I find it.
Loungewear with cashmere - M&S has some really affordable options right now, like this cashmere blend t-shirt. The matching joggers pictured are nice as well.
Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Dracula - the new show, produced by the people that brought us Downton Abbey, starts on 25 October. I hope it's good.

Board games - old fashioned, I know, but what better way to spend evenings when it inevitably rains night after night this winter? I'm even toying with the idea of getting the Glasgow edition of Monopoly.

Vegan marshmallows - for my coffee and my cocoa on those dark rainy nights. Or just to eat on their own. I bought these ones from Roots and Fruits (or you can get them online from Goodness Direct), but I've just ordered some fancier ones from Sweet Vegan online that I'm anxious to try.
Pouches - the best way to organise the voluminous bags I now must carry as a mother to 8 month old baby.

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