They say that 1 in 6 people in Scotland is affected by some sort of mental health issue (I will raise my hand and say I am one of those people). If you include those who are indirectly affected, that number probably jumps up even higher. Yet a sincere and open discussion of mental health issues often still makes people uncomfortable. The Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival aims to help change that with a programme of diverse cultural events. This year's event will be looking at concepts of 'reality' - asking questions like "What does reality mean to you? Does anyone else see the world exactly as you do? Why do so many artists find mental health to be such a fertile ground for creativity?" Events this weekend include photography exhibition Branching Out at SAMH, dance theatre piece Mirror Mirror at the Tramway, and a screening of excellent 70s dance movie Saturday Night Fever at SWG3.

This weekend my husband and baby and I will be having a lunch out at Mono. My husband's birthday is on the 13th, and all he wants as a gift is a record from Monorail. But, he wants me to pick it out. I know very little about the type of music he listens to (noise, grindcore, hardcore, etc etc) and the one time I picked out a record for him in the past, I went purely by the album cover. It turned out to be one of his favourites, so he wants me to try to recreate this success. You may not be able to judge a book by its cover, but apparently you can a record. While we're there, we have to eat a satisfying homemade veggie burger from the restaurant. It can't be helped.

If you like clothing and beauty (and chances are if you read this blog you do), you'll want to catch the Gilt and Silk exhibit at the Burrell Collection. This exhibition looks at early seventeenth century costume, including an extremely rare embroidered skirt panel that may have belonged to Anne of Denmark. The exhibit is running until 23 December.

Usually I can't think of magic shows without thinking of G.O.B. thrusting his pelvis back and forth to the tune of 'The Final Countdown' on Arrested Development. However, I will have to wipe that from my mind with this theatre piece at the Arches - Rob Drummond: Bullet Catch. The bullet catch illusion was first attempted in 1613, and since then, at least twelve performers have died trying to perform it. This show looks at one of these performers, William Wonder, and includes storytelling, mind reading, levitation, games of chance, and the famous bullet catch stunt.

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