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By now you'll have seen that the internet is lousy with gift lists. Already! Of course, it's not early if you celebrate Hanukkah. In fact, it's a wee bit late to be looking for Hanukkah presents since it starts Wednesday. Which means, if you celebrate it and you live in the US, you will be celebrating Hanugiving (or Thanksukkah?). But I digress. I personally find the men in my life the hardest to shop for. With the exception of my husband. Give him an album of extreme music (noisecore, grindcore, hardcore, etc etc etc) or a graphic novel he hasn't read, and he'll be happy.

My father, on the other hand, is very difficult. He doesn't need anything and he doesn't really have hobbies to speak of. Now that he has retired (for about the sixth time) he may start being easy to shop for because he'll actually have time to read once in a while. He's even got a DVD player now, so I've started giving him lots of TV shows - Mad Men, Sopranos - most shows like this passed him by, so it's an easy gift to give.

Then there's brothers in law, male friends, nephews - as the family gets bigger each year, the challenge grows too. Assuming it's the same for you, I've put together a guide for gifts for men with a variety of price tags to help make things a little easier. As I've mentioned, there is no shortage of gift guides on blogs and retail sites, but there's always room for one more!

Under £20
If your intended gift recipient is as clumsy as most of the men I know, he might need a Rhino Shield for his iPhone. This cover is only 0.0299 cm thick but creates a high impact resistant shield for your screen.

If he's a father, he'll appreciate this book - Go the F*ck to Sleep. Getting the wee lambs to sleep in his or her bed is one of the great struggles of baby parenting. This book captures that struggle beautifully.

Under £50
For the coffee addict, a single cup french press coffee brewer that will give him fresh coffee on the go, hot and fast.

If he's a Doctor Who fan, you'll be inundated with DVD ideas, but if not, there's Justified. This show is perfect. Timothy Olyphant's Raylan Givens is like a superhero and a classic western hero rolled into one. He's smart, he's funny, he's a maverick. And a bonus, he's gorgeous too. This may or may not mean anything to the person you're giving the show to, it just has to be said. And the writing is great - which is in keeping with the source material, a short story by Elmore Leonard.

Help him keep warm with this waffle knit hat by Peter Jensen at the Other Shop.

Under £100
Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Tracker and Sleep Wristband acts as a pedometer but also tracks your calories burned, hours slept, and sleep quality. And it syncs with an online tool to help you track your goals. Perfect for the committed fitness fan, or the man who wants to work more exercise into his life.

A very useful gift you can steal for yourself.

If he's a bit more formal in his day to day dressing, or if he gets dandified once in a while, he may like these cufflinks from Wolf and Badger. A classic, minimal design that would look good with pretty much everything.

Under £200
Buy the significant man in your life a piece of architectural history with this Lego Robie House. How cool is this? Actually, you could probably get it for anyone and they would be happy. There are other  iconic designs including Fallingwater, the Guggenheim Museum, the United Nations Headquarters, and Sydney Opera House. Prices start from £17.99 for Willis Tower.

Help him relive his youth with a SodaStream - this one allows you to fizz up any beverage of your choice, and even allows you to choose the amount of fizz. Very clever. And with code SS25, you can get 25% off.

The future is here with this amazing little cube that gives you a portable keyboard for your mobile device. It is compatible with iOS4+, Android 4.0+, Mac OS X 10+, Windows XP+ and Blackberry 10 devices.

Under £500
For a more extravagant gesture, why not gift this beech chess set based on a design by surrealist artist Man Ray? It's so sleek and sophisticated, it would look amazing in any man cave.

I personally think men look great in a pair of Chelsea boots - these ones by classic British brand Chruch's are a perfect iteration of the iconic style.

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