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Playing cards
I'm obsessed with cards. In one summer temp job I had when I was at University, I didn't have much to do so I drew my own set of playing cards with an ocean theme. I mean, I seriously had nothing to do. I at one point I ended up writing out the 'What a piece of work is man' speech from Hamlet several times.

I've collected playing cards for many years now - I've got Elvis cards I bought in Hawaii, Mannequin Pis cards my sister bought for me in Brussels and cards featuring US political players in the naughties. But my favourite cards are vintage with beautiful patterns on the back, gold or silver trim and often standout features on the faces, with interesting fonts.

I also collect tarot cards. Artists have so much more to work with in designing a tarot deck. It tells a story, from the Fool starting off on his adventure, with all the characters and scenarios through the Major Arcana. I have a large array of tarot, but for many years the Hermes tarot deck has been on my wish list. Full of fashion and mystery, these would fit in with my collection perfectly.

We finally got curtains for the baby's room - they took six weeks to arrive as we have those long victorian windows that are so common in Glasgow and we couldn't get something off the self. I got about seven swatches from Mandors and obsessively stared at them for days before deciding on a soft grey and white art nouveou inspired rose pattern. Now, we're realising that our sitting room is absolutely freezing, so we have to get made to measure curtain for that room too. Of course, our landlords who are either idiots or deranged or both, don't want to supply a curtain rail. So we have to install our own and when we move, take it down and leave 'no trace' that it was there. Then the next tenants will have to do the same, and then the next ones, and then the next ones. That will be great for the walls, no? But I digress. The point of all this is that we went back to Mandors yesterday to get more samples for curtains and the whole process will start again.

I know how it sounds, but it's not what you think. My husband said that when he was a 15 year old virgin back in 1990, he and his other little virgin friends shouted 'sex!' when something awesome happened. Like, 'We get to see Guns 'N Roses this weekend! Sex!' This is then accompanied by a fist pump. This needs to catch on. Okay everybody, shout it out with me. Sex!

White pumpkins
For no particular reason other than they are super cute and sort of elegant at the same time, I'm loving mini white pumpkins. I don't think the flavour is much different from orange pumpkins, so they would be great in my pumpkin bread, but I think I just want them for my table this month, especially with Thanksgiving coming up.

I am digging the new skinny diamond collection at Monica Vinader. They make for really pretty stacking rings, and they have a relatively approachable price tag.

Ladylike bags
Do you ever have that feeling you don't have just the right bag for your outfit/occaision? No matter how many nice bags you have? Right now I feel like I don't have enough ladylike shoulder bags. I either have big giant bags, little clutches, large cross body bags, and small cross body bags. I have one ladylike should bag, but it is a very particular colour combination that doesn't fit as seamless into my wardrobe as I would like. Ideally, the solution would be a classic black 2.55, but who am I kidding? I don't have that kind of cash to hand. So the search begins. I'm thinking this must be my birthday/Christmas present to myself.
The Chimney Sweeper's Boy
Somehow I am managing to read a novel at the moment. I'm actually toying with the idea of starting a book group because, you know, I don't have enough to do at the moment. Anyway, I'm currently reading The Chimney Sweeper's Boy by Barbara Vine (aka Ruth Rendell). Much more than a mystery, this is the story of a heartbreakingly loveless marriage, secrets, passion, and second chances. I guess that's why they call it literary mystery.

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