Winter skin

Like everyone else on the planet, my skin gets extremely dry during the winter. Add to that the care and cleaning of a 9 month old baby, and my hands feel like I'm wearing gloves made from sandpaper. I do have a few great weapons in my arsenal, however, that are saving my winter skin.

I was introduced to this when Serena was a newborn. It's pure lanolin designed to sooth nipples damaged by incorrect latch (something that pretty much happens to everyone trying to breast feed). It's so gentle that you don't even have to wii it off before the baby feeds, but so effective that it soothes even the most damaged skin. I continue to use it now for any area of skin that is having trouble - dry patches on my elbow, cracked cuticles - you name it. I also use it on Serena's dry patches. Available at Boots.

Clarins Extra Comfort Cleansing Cream
This gorgeously scented cream goes on cold and thick and is wiped off with a face flannel. It's gentle but very effective and leaves my skin feeling very soft. I started using it when I could no longer find my beloved INA Crystals White Gold Glow face wash. Although, I've just discovered that INA Crystals is now available at Feel Unique, so I may start alternating between the two. The White Gold face wash is an exfoliator, but it's very gentle and I can use it every day. And it's all natural and paraben free. The Clarins cleansing cream is available at Boots and most department stores.

INA Crystals White Gold Day Moisture Cream
Rich but not too heavy, even for combination skin like mine. Like the face wash, it's all natural and paraben free. And it feels lovely with a soft rose scent.

Skyn Iceland Icelandic Relief Eye Cream
Somewhere between a cream and a gel in texture, this cool eye treatment is very soothing. And it's natural and paraben free.
Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Recovery Complex II
Beauty editor favourite, it's hard to find someone who doesn't rave about this serum. It's designed to use at night for skin renewal, but I use it twice a day under my moisturiser. And for how much it's raved about, it's not too bad price wise. It's not cheap - but skin care is getting so expensive these days, it's amazing what we're willing to spend. Available at most department stores.

Burt's Bees Acai Lip Balm
Burt's Bees makes my favourite lip balms - particularly the original, the pomegranate, and this acai berry version. I prefer a stick over a pot and I these absorb right away. And this may be my imagination, but some lit treatments seem to make my lips feel worse after they wear off. These don't. Available at most chemists and online at Boots and Look Fantastic.

Slather this intensely hydrating cream on your hands and feet and they will be transformed. And it contains hyaluronic acid, which anyone who knows about skin things seems to think is very good. Personally, I just like the way this cream makes my skin feels. This mostly has to be bought from French pharmacies, but Amazon has become strangely good for buying French beauty so you can get it there.

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