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If you're friends are honest, shopping with them can be very rewarding. But they can't be afraid to say, 'nope' when you've put on something awful. That would have been very useful for me after Serena was born. I thought I looked more or less the same as I did before I was showing. I knew it wasn't possible, but I still thought it.

Ihave a friend who was going to wear a green jumpsuit to a party weeks after having a baby. Fortunately, she had a friend there who said, 'um, maybe not.' I think pregnant women experience a sort of body dismorphia immediately after they give birth. I don't know what causes it. Perhaps it's the fact that some pregnant women love their bump and by extension, love their bodies. For many women, that's a lifetime first. Or maybe it's all the hormones. They really are some crazy s**t!

This is all a roundabout way of talking about Mallzee. It's an app that lets you shop with friends but in that new fangled way we have of hanging out with people - social media. Perfect if you've just had a baby and don't have a chance to spend hours wandering around busy stores. The app sifts through thousands of items of clothing from dozens of stores and recommends items you might like. Then, if you need some advice on an item, you can get their opinions. Think carefully before you opt into the social media aspect though - Mallzee won't let you buy an item if your friends hate it!

Stores include ASOS, Liberty, Reiss, French Connection, Urban Outfitters, and many many more. When you first use the app, there is sort of an indiscriminate raft of items (though you can use filters for things like colour, price range, and type of clothing). You can swipe left to get rid of an item and right to save it. The more you swipe, the better the app knows you and the more discriminate the selection becomes. I hate to use the word 'curate' in this context - in fact I despise the rise of this term in a fashion context - however, if I were to use it in a fashion context, I would use it here. You end up with a nice little list of items that you've selected that you can either admire, get your friends to admire, or buy. Great for finding the perfect party outfit during the holidays.

The app is free - can download it from iTunes.

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