February wish list

Back to being broke, and this month is my daughter's first birthday, so I won't be spending much of our small disposable income on myself, but being a product of the age, there is always stuff I want. And the weather is changing just a bit, and I'm trying to re-teach myself how to dress for work after being off for a year. It's proving far more challenging than I had anticipated. I think I've got my trouser situation sorted. I rarely wear skirts. My wardrobe is about 80% sweater, so I don't need more of those. It's mainly tops that I need.

Asltey Clarke has introduced a line of 'Aphrodesiac' charms in time for Valentine's day. My favourite is this sweet sea urchin.
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This Jaeger coat has a nautical vibe, which is always a great spring look:

Ballerinas - with love hearts!

I really feel like I need some light grey denim in my life:

And some 3D printing I can get excited about:

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