Valentine's gifts

You may have heard, there's this holiday all about hearts and flowers in February. Many people think it's pretty bogus. I can understand that, but I do have a soft spot in my heart for the 14th of February. My husband and I usually do celebrate (15 years ago, valentine's day was the first time we told each other 'I love you', so it's always been a special day to us) but this year I doubt there will be gifts. No matter. A girl can dream, can't she? And my way of dreaming is to put together a list to share with you guys. So here it is:

The bargain options:

Necklace, Emily Gao Jewellery at Etsy
The red and clear jewels and the black grosgrain ribbon give this statement necklace all the drama you'll need on Valentine's day.

Triple chocolate donut cupcakes from Heavenly Bakery
These look AMAZING. They are - brace yourself - vanilla sponge layered with melted vegan organic chocolate topped with vegan chocolate ganache and then topped with a vegan vanilla doughnut covered with vegan organic chocolate and sprinkled with vegan strawberry sprinkles. I'm doing that Homer Simpson open mouth drooling groan when I think of these. You can order a half dozen and they'll ship them anywhere in the UK.

William Morris: Artist, Craftsman, Pioneer
This beautiful hard cover book looks at William Morris's beautiful designs, but also touches on the very dramatic love triangle with his wife, Jane Morris and with poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti.

Blueberry homemade liqueur, Harvey Nichols
This traditional fruit liqueur made from hand picked Slovenian blueberries, would be amazing poured over some vanilla Swedish glace (that's dairy free ice cream, if you didn't know that already).

The not-so-bargain options:

I love you loose pocket, Anya Hindmarch
You can never have too many pouches for your handbag. I have about three at the moment - for make-up, receipts, blister bandages, spectacle cleaner - anything that would be loose and hard to find otherwise.

Lilt perfume, Rouge Bunny Rouge
Just in time for spring, this peachy, leafy scent will charm you. Fragrances are so personal though, and Rouge Bunny Rouge has a range of beautifully bottled perfumes that should please all noses. Lilt's top notes are green leaf accord and fig leaf, with a peach, coconut and violet heart and a vetiver and musk base.

Rose gold plated cone bracelet, Jennifer Fisher at Net-a-Porter
This would look amazing stacked with other bangles - in other metal colours.

Butterfly silk scarf, Natalie B Coleman at Young British Designers
I love the colour combination, with the mint and pint. So pretty.
Bow French purse, Mulberry
How sweet is this ballet pink purse?

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